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Every year your family vacations to one of Charleston’s beautiful beaches for vacation, what a great time to have your family portrait made by the Premier Charleston beach photographer in the carolinas!

Even if this your first time visiting the area, you will notice the beaches are a perfect backdrop for photos.  This vacation is the right time to update those old family photos you had made years ago, and this begins with the search for just the right Charleston beach photographer for your family.  The main purpose of updating your family portrait is to document this precious time in your family’s history that can never be relived.  However, there are several other benefits to having your portraits made on the beach including having a stunning Christmas card made, printing images for gifts for family members, as well as adding beautifully framed wall art to your home that features your family (read more about the importance of quality prints from our friends at Fundy by clicking here).  These are just a few of the reasons to schedule a family beach session with us!

charleston beach photographer

When you hire us to photograph your family on the beach, we come to you – right to your beach house or condo to join you for a stroll down to the beach.  Every session includes two trained photographers that are friendly and engaging and we will soon get to know all the members of your family before we begin photographing.  Our style of photography for your session focuses on bringing out the personality of each of your family members with fun and interactive poses as well as setting up stunning combinations of classic posing for traditional portraits.  We will orchestrate the arranging of people in a fluid and organized manner so you can rest at ease knowing everyone will look their best!  Images such as all of you holding hands as you walk down the beach at sunset will be perfect memento of your trip to Charleston for years to come! We have spent over a decade creating these amazing memories for families coming to Charleston from all over the country, which is a major reason we are considered the top Charleston beach photographer in South Carolina.

Now that you have decided to book your beach family session with us, here are some helpful tips for your session:

  • For proper lighting, the session will be scheduled two hours prior to sunset.  Make sure you have all eaten before the session so everyone can be happy and focused!
  • Coordinate your clothing.  Proper colors can make or break the harmony of your photos, so make sure that everyone is wearing the same colors.  Choose solid, neutral colors that are naturally found on the beach.  This prevents you from clashing with the background of your images.
  • Make sure to use plenty of sunscreen on the beach during your stay prior to the session to avoid sunburned faces and arms.
  • Style your hair with the windy beach in mind.
  • Do not expect the beach to be a studio.  There will be sand, wind, water, and bugs so be willing to endure the elements just long enough.
  • Bring along a bag filled with snacks for the kids, cold bottled water, wet wipes for sandy faces and hands, a small towel, bug spray, and a hairbrush.

charleston beach photographer

One of the best perks about hiring Nuvo Images as your Charleston beach photographer is the convenience of a NEXT DAY in person ordering session. We will have your images fully prepared for you to review the very next day, and we will schedule a time to return to your beach property and show you all the images we captured the previous day. Our skilled ordering specialist will walk you through a description of all the products in the comfort of your own vacation home and allow you to make all your decisions with the images fresh in your mind.  Once this ordering session takes place, you will receive your products in the mail right at your home a couple of weeks later.

Now that you’ve read through our process for documenting your precious family during your Charleston beach vacation, we would love to schedule a date!  You can contact us by calling 843-345-0297, or send us an email at

You can also use our e-mail contact form which can be found here!

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