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One of Charleston’s newest venues is the Gaillard Center located on Calhoun street in historic downtown Charleston.

As soon as we saw some of the photos taken of the ornate and timeless lobby and intricate staircase, we were ready to schedule our first session at the Gaillard Center. This new venue is pretty special to the Charleston area as it captures the spirit of our beloved city with a modern twist. Being the home to the Charleston Symphony Orchestra, we especially appreciate the artistic nature of all the wood work, beautiful archways, and the majestic ceilings. The Gaillard complex recently went through a major overhaul and renovation that you can read about here, and the results are nothing short of spectacular. It is a feast for the eyes and a palace for Charleston wedding photographers!  Lucky for us, we had the perfect bride for this shoot: Ashley. Ashley may be the sweetest human that God ever created, and even though she has a moderate fear of heights, she stood at the top of every staircase and balcony we placed her on without wobbling at all. She also takes direction very well and is not afraid to hold a difficult pose!  One of our favorite images from this shoot was at the bottom of one of the spiral staircases and even though she may LOOK effortless, she is basically doing a crunch to hold herself in place!  Another thing we liked about Ashley’s look was the cute headpiece she brought to complete her look. Not everyone can pull that off, but with her big hair and even bigger personality, it just fit right in! If you are looking for an incredible indoor location in downtown Charleston for your bridal or wedding portraits, be sure to keep the Gaillard Center in mind!

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