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The Wonder of Santa is the ultimate Santa Storybook Experience in the Southeast!

Imagine creating an heirloom art piece that only increases in value with each passing year, featuring your little ones while the magic of Santa is alive in their hearts! That’s exactly what we have created at Nuvo Images with the Wonder of Santa portrait session. This incredible Santa storybook experience gives your child (or up to 5 kiddos at the same time) a private one hour opportunity to hang out with our real life Santa Paul in his satellite workshop right here in Charleston, SC! You’ll watch as your little ones meet Santa for the first time, have special homemade milk and cookies with him, and even find their names in his Nice Book! They will also spend time doing many magical activities with Santa, including helping him paint a number of toys with his special magic paint, and even preparing their own Christmas list on his very old typewriter brought directly from his North Pole office! Our goal during your session is for the kids to completely forget about the photos being taken, and instead focus on genuinely interacting with Santa while we capture these unscripted moments as they unfold naturally. This is truly a one of a kind experience you will find nowhere else, and the artwork created from your session will bring joy to your family for decades to come.

If you are looking for some more information about this Santa storybook experience fine art portrait event, HERE ARE SOME FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS:

Is the Wonder of Santa actually a photo shoot?

Yes it is, but we like to say that photography is only a very small part of the entire process. While we do photograph all the incredible moments of your children’s visit with Santa during your session time, its what happens to the photographs AFTERWARDS that takes them into the legacy artwork level we have worked so hard to create. Each photograph is digitally hand painted during our post processing workflow. We carefully add individual brush strokes to each part of the image, as well as help Santa’s magic come alive in a beautiful artistic way. When printed on fine art textured canvas complete with custom framing, your finished pieces will have the look of a genuine nostalgic Christmas oil painting. We even offer the service of adding acrylic contoured brush strokes and real colored paint to the actual canvas for a fully finished heirloom quality art piece.

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How do we view our images from the session?

Included with each Wonder of Santa storybook experience session is a private viewing and ordering appointment in our studio to view your images and make your product selections. We can schedule this viewing and ordering session at your convenience both during the day or weeknights, and your images will be ready to view as soon as 3-5 days following your session. During this ordering appointment, you will be able to relax in the comfort of our studio where we will show you a multimedia presentation of all the images from your session on our color calibrated 10 foot wide projection screen. You will see the incredible story of your child’s visit to Santa’s workshop brought to life in stunning color and hand painted brush strokes. We will then take you through each and every product we carry, and help you pick out the very best images for everything you desire to take away from your session experience. We will have plenty of complimentary hot and cold drinks at the ready as well as snacks for you to enjoy during your time in the studio. The average viewing and ordering session is completed in an hour’s time.


What kind of products do you offer?

Our most popular products for this Santa storybook experience include framed wall portraits, custom narrated storybooks featuring your entire child’s visit with Santa, as well as our Christmas card sets. Framed wall portraits come in a number of finishes, but our recommended surface for our Santa artwork is fine art canvas paper on Masonite backing. We offer a wide selection of hand selected frame options that have been chosen by us to perfectly match the look and feel of this specific type of portrait work. Our storybooks feature a classic poetry style story written by Rachel, which will feature your children’s name(s), narrating each part of their visit to Santa’s workshop which will be paired with the corresponding images from the session to match. Our storybooks feature wrapped canvas image covers, copper gilding, and pages are printed on silk fine art photographic paper. Image wrapped album boxes to protect your storybook are also available. Christmas cards are custom designed in studio and feature printing on our exclusive pearl paper as well as matching envelopes. Our Christmas cards can feature up to 4 images of your choice from your session.

In addition to these popular products, we offer a full line of fully mounted prints in all standard sizes, as well as some specialty products such as Sherpa blankets featuring an image from your session, as well as porcelain tree ornaments.

Every single product offered and sold by Nuvo Images has a lifetime unconditional guarantee.

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What about digital files?

At Nuvo Images we are passionate about creating one of a kind photographic artwork for each and every one of our clients. We firmly believe in the power of the printed medium, and its important for our artwork to always be printed by the very best methods, on the very best archival materials, to ensure multiple generations of longevity for everything that leaves the door of our studio. We are in the business of selling fully finished artwork and not simply pixels on a screen! It is for this reason that we do not offer high resolution image files for sale from our sessions or from the Santa storybook experience. However, for each image purchased from your session, we will provide a web sized watermarked version for you to use on social media to share with family and friends.

How should we prepare for our session?

This is the easiest part of this Santa storybook experience! Just bring your kiddos and their imagination! No need to worry about buying specific clothing for your session as we provide custom pajamas and nightgowns for each child during their visit with Santa. We have had these custom created by a local seamstress to match the feeling of our set, with proper color harmony in mind. Please feel free to bring along grandparents/aunts uncles, or anyone else who would enjoy seeing the wonder of Santa as your child experiences the magic of visiting Santa’s workshop! We will have comfortable seating for you to relax in while your child visits with Santa.

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What if my child is afraid of Santa?

We are very well versed in handling all types of reactions to Santa, and we have seen it all! Often times for shy children it may take a little time for them to be comfortable with the big guy in the red suit, and that is totally OK! We are very patient, and we allocate extra time for every session we schedule for this very reason. We have various methods for ensuring each child has a great experience, even if takes some tricks to get them warmed up and relaxed. We ask that you trust us in our experience in the confidence that we can create beautiful artwork in each and every situation we may encounter.

Is this basically the same thing as going to see a Mall Santa?

Not in the slightest! Forget the long lines, screaming children, and hot waiting areas of the mall all in an effort to see a fake bearded Santa for a few seconds, only to receive a poorly lit snapshot of the encounter.  At the Wonder of Santa portrait session, your family gets an entire hour of private time with our real Santa Paul! Our set is a REAL set featuring a large number of real life antique toys and furniture, with everything being carefully selected and placed to maximize the finished artwork we are creating. Your kids will get to interact with Santa, ask him all the questions they’ve ever wanted to ask him, participate in fun activities with him, all in the comfort of our studio space. We have worked hard over the last 14 years to hone our craft, and we bring that same photographic skill that has earned us international recognition for our work to each Wonder of Santa session we photograph. This includes professional portrait lighting, pleasing compositions, and anticipation and capture of the very best expressions. Each finished image from your session is digitally hand painted and printed on the finest industry materials, offering a unique piece of finished artwork that will last multiple generations. Each product we offer comes with a unconditional lifetime guarantee. This is truly the best Santa storybook experience in the southeast!

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What is the cost involved for a Wonder of Santa portrait session?

The session fee for the Wonder of Santa is $279. Included within this price is a $100 product credit. The session fee covers the time and creative considerations for conducting the session itself, Santa’s travel from the North Pole to spend a whole private hour with your kiddos, creative editing and preparation of your images for proofing, as well as a in-person studio viewing and ordering session for you to see your images and make your product selections. We have a wide variety of product offerings, and investment totals vary depending on what you select. Please keep in mind that there is NO minimum order requirement for our Wonder of Santa sessions.

Each and every Wonder of Santa session DOES requires a brief phone consultation prior to final booking, and it is during this time that we will take you through our detailed product offerings, answer any specific pricing questions you may have, as well as select a date and time for you to come and visit Santa. Feel free to call us directly at any time at 843-345-0297.

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