Wickliffe House Wedding | Maggie + Jeff | Charleston, SC

It was a beautiful November day in Charleston for Maggie and Jeff’s Wickliffe House wedding!

Maggie and Jeff are fabulous people and a perfect match for each other in so many ways!  They are both dentists so, like us, they share so much of their lives together and make it into such a great thing together!  Ever since we photographed their perfect smiles at their engagement session, we knew their day would be amazing come rain or shine. Thankfully, we didn’t have to test the rain part out at all, because it was a perfect day in November, and probably exactly the cool temperature they were hoping for. The day started at their church in Pinopolis, Pinopolis United Methodist Church, which is an adorable, old style, church that is precisely what you picture when someone says the phrase “little white church”.  A short reception followed at the church while we took a walk around and found the locations where we planned to do a few images before heading out. One of our favorite parts of this day was the size of Maggie and Jeff’s bridal party. One person on each side can be quite the easy task to wrangle, especially when you’re used to dealing with numbers like 6-8 on each side! After a few minutes of family portraits and a few creatives on the grounds, we headed downtown with the bride and groom to capture some exciting portraits of just the two of them before heading over to the reception venue.  One very cool part of the wedding, was the incorporation of Jeffs Jewish heritage in a short, intimate Jewish ceremony held on the porch of the Wickliffe house. Personal touches like that, make a wedding unique and special. After a fabulously delicious dinner, the party kicked off and the dance floor stayed packed all night long! The David Higgins Band are experts at keeping people dancing and there wasn’t even one dull moment!  Having a Wickliffe House wedding is a wonderful choice because of the historic aesthetic of the hour with modern amenities. It has the charm and character every bride dreams about for her wedding and was the perfect place for this bride and groom to have a wonderful evening with their family and friends!

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