Old Wide Awake Plantation | Kayci + Eddie | Hollywood, SC

One of our favorite, less heard of locations to photograph a wedding is Old Wide Awake Plantation.

A lesser known, but just as historic plantation in Hollywood, SC just outside of Charleston, this location has so much to offer as a wedding venue!  With charm and convenience, the house is available as a perfect place for a bride and groom to get ready before walking down the grand staircase and have a ceremony next to the scenic pond.  Kayci and Eddie couldn’t have had a better day in October.  The leaves had changed just enough to add the perfect amount of color to the background of their photos.  These two were so much fun to work with.  For some reason, everything Kayci says is adorable and quirky.  Eddie for sure did not sign up for a boring life with a girl like her!  The teal and purple decorations suited them perfectly and added the right amount of coolness to the warmth of the changing leaves.  Notice the touch of book pages being used throughout – what a cool idea!  One of the most touching parts of the ceremony was the fact that Kayci’s mother was the officiant.  It certainly made the ceremony even more intimate and meaningful. Not only are the grounds around Old Wide Awake Plantation beautiful, but the park down by the river just a minute from the house affords some excellent locations for photographs.  One of my favorite shots of the year is the silhouette of Kayci and Eddie by the river.  After some fun photos of the bride and groom and their bridal party, we made our way back to the house for an elegant affair on the wraparound porch.  The food was delicious and the reception music provided by Crump Entertainment was lovely.  Thanks to the bride and groom for having us play such a large part in such an important day, we wish you guys all the best in your new life together!

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