Magnolia Gardens Wedding | Rachel + Rich | Charleston, SC

What a fun and relaxed day we had at Rachel and Rich’s Magnolia Gardens Wedding!

Rachel and Rich opted for a small and sweet ceremony and reception at the historic Magnolia Plantation and Gardens in Charleston. They had an absolutely beautiful October day, and we had some nice late afternoon light to work with for their portrait time.  Their wedding day was the first time that we met Rachel and Rich and we arrived at the plantation feeling a little more nervous than usual.  It took one look at Rachel to realize how lucky we were to be shooting their wedding.  As you will see in their blog, Rachel has a beautiful set of tattoos. Her tattoos made her elegant look have an edge that we enjoyed a lot.  Our favorite one was the detailed peacock across her chest. The peacock tattoo is even more appropriate since peacocks roam free throughout the grounds of Magnolia!  Though the wedding had been planned as a traditional day, Rachel came up with the idea of doing a First Look with Rich.  This meant we would be doing all the couple’s photos before the ceremony!  Needless to say, this made us even more excited since we were now going to be able to use the grounds of Magnolia even more than we thought!  One of the staff members at the plantation brought over a golf cart and off we went to capture some of the most beautifully lit images we’ve ever captured!  Their ceremony was simple and peaceful on the bank of the Ashley River.  We especially enjoyed seeing their unique choice for ceremony seating.  The conservatory was the ideal reception location, especially with the lovely lights strung across the top. Thanks again guys for being so great for this perfect Magnolia Gardens Wedding! A special shout out to Grace from Breeze Event Planning for making the day go so smoothly!

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