Magnolia Plantation Wedding | Thomas + Chelsey | Charleston, SC

Working with Chelsey and Thomas for their Magnolia Plantation Wedding has been such a pleasure from the very beginning!

From the moment we met them at their downtown Charleston engagement session last year, we knew we were going to be a perfect match. With the help of the super talented team headed up by Cindy at Engaging Events, they had a gorgeous fall wedding at Magnolia Plantation and Gardens this past October. Perfect weather was one of many highlights of this beautiful wedding day! This couple was so wonderful to photograph because they do not try to hide their love for one another even in front of the camera.  Another one of our favorite parts of this day was the inclusion of the couple’s dog Ziggy who stood happily at the altar waiting with his dad (Thomas) for his mom (Chelsey) to come down the aisle.  Who couldn’t love a well behaved little Jack Russell Terrier??  You will notice that he even made an appearance in the bridal party photos as well!   Also in this post, we included some of Chelsey’s bridal photos which were shot at Boone Hall Plantation.  Isn’t her veil beautiful?  Veils that have something extra like the lace around the edge tend to show up better in photos and make a more dramatic statement in our opinion.  The colors of the decorations at any wedding should be based around the season and Chelsey did a great job.  The deep red of the bridesmaids dresses and orange accent in the bouquets was echoed at the reception in the table center pieces.  Candles added an element of romance in the atmosphere to complete the vision. I loved the location of their ceremony because you could see the famous white bridge in the background.  Thanks again guys for working with us for your Magnolia Plantation Wedding, we hope to see you again in the near future!

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