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Wedding Posing Tips for Looking Fabulous on your Wedding Day!

Whether it is the photographs that you are paying thousands of dollars for a professional to capture or the countless snapshots that your friends and family are going to be taking, you want to look incredible in every single photo taken on your wedding day. After using Nuvo Images as your wedding photographers in Charleston, you will start to do these tricks automatically as soon as you see a camera, but here is a neat list to help you remember how to look amazing in front of the camera. Here is a collection of some great wedding posing tips that will help you look stellar all wedding day long!

Stay Loose

This may sound silly but it’s true, and is honestly one of the most important wedding posing tips you should remember! Being tense and nervous in front of the camera will never result in a great photograph. Keep your shoulders low and rolled back, your movements fluid, your lips parted slightly and your hands out of a fist. Staying relaxed also will help you when your wedding photographer is posing you as the looser you are, the easier it will be for you to follow instruction well.

Have Good Posture

This tip gets a collective groan from all of us who have always rolled our eyes at our mother’s reminders to have good posture. Unfortunately, mom was right! Having good posture instantly makes you look in better shape and more alert.

Never Stand with Both Toes Pointed at the Camera

Standing with your toes pointed to either side of the camera will definitely be more flattering to your figure, no matter what body type you have. Also, if you stand straight on to the camera, your shoulders will appear more broad and masculine instead of small and feminine.

Bend Your Leg that is Closest to the Camera

This is probably the easiest tip to remember! No matter who is taking the photo, if you bend the leg that is closest to the camera, you will actually be shifting your weight away from the camera, making your waist appear smaller.

Keep Your Arms Away from your Body

Similar to the first of our wedding posing tips, keeping your arms away from your body will help you look more relaxed. Also, when you have your arms straight at your sides, you will appear wider to the camera. Instead, you can place your hands on your hips or hug another person in your photo to keep your arms away from dangling at your sides.

Lean Forward with Your Chest

Leaning forward towards the camera is perhaps the least known way to look better in photographs. Similar to tip 4, when you lean forward towards the camera, you are shifting your weight away from the camera which makes your body appear smaller. Leaning in also brings more attention to your face and prevents you from having a double chin in your photos.

To see how these posing tips translate to amazing images click here!


wedding posing tips wedding posing tips reformatory_091 wedding posing tips

To see how these posing tips translate to amazing images click here!

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