Charlestowne Landing Wedding | Kile + Tiffany | Charleston, SC

This Charlestowne Landing Wedding was wonderful and beautiful!

Every time we shoot at Founder’s Hall we love it more, and it was truly the perfect backdrop for Kile and Tiffany’s beautiful outdoor Charleston wedding! There are many features of having a Charlestowne Landing Wedding that we love!  Some of which include the wispy grass surrounding the parking lot, the tall live oaks everywhere, and the historic line of fencing.  We also love the wrought iron gate in the courtyard outside the bridal room and the palm fronds that surround the venue.  Come rain or shine, the hall has a great location for a ceremony, but we were happy to be outside all day for Kile and Tiffany’s big day!  We’ve really enjoyed getting to know this bride and groom more the past few months in the led up to the wedding, and we’re so happy that their day ended up being picture perfect! Tiffany found us at a bridal show and then we found out that went to same church as our sister in law who is also named Tiffany!  We loved being their photographers because they have a really sweet love story and were so easy-going that it made the day enjoyable for us.  We also were big fans of Tiffany’s color choices of navy blue bridesmaids dresses and yellow bouquets – what a great pop of color!  Kile wasn’t too shabby in his khaki suit complete with a navy bow tie.  Coming into this wedding, we already knew their families were most important to them, so we made sure to capture a ton of happy candid photos of their family members.  Combining those candid photos with classic and then interactive family portraits and they have images that will be passed on for generations!  Amazing weather, family and friends all present, simply perfect! Thanks again guys for having us as your wedding photographers, it was a real honor, and we hope these images will be cherished for many decades to come!

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