Pepper Plantation Wedding | Danielle + Justin | Charleston, SC

Danielle & Justin had a hot summer day for their Pepper Plantation Wedding!

Danielle and Justin couldn’t have chosen a better day for their Pepper Plantation Wedding.  Even though it was very warm outside (thanks Charleston), we all had a wonderful day.  Danielle has been one of my favorite brides from the beginning.  She is so cool and funny, she makes us laugh every time we see her!  And Justin definitely deserves her as he is one of the most easy going guys you could ever meet.  They are the kind of couple that makes you feel like you’ve known them for ages.  And even their two daughters were included in the wedding party and had so much fun.  Check out their photo of the two of them laughing their heads off!  This was our first ever Pepper Plantation wedding and we had so much fun exploring.  We found so many great little places for photos!  The gazebo at the end of the dock works great for images during the day and at night too!  The best part of Pepper is their updated space that looks like a barn for the reception.  It is open air with a stone fireplace and lends itself well to Danielle’s decorating style.  Her color scheme featured my favorite color, which is a peachy pink.  She also used a bright and happy blue color which made a great color for Justin’s tie.  We also love the ceremony space right in front of the lake.  It makes a great place for an outdoor cocktail hour in addition to the ceremony.  One of the smartest things that Danielle did before the wedding day was to have the entire area sprayed for bugs.  That made the outdoor area completely comfortable for all her guests and many people could sit in the rocking chairs and relax. Thanks again guys for having us along, and thanks especially for the homemade craft beers you shared with us, they were amazing!

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