Boals Farm | Jude + Mollie | Charleston, SC

It’s always a pleasure to photograph the wedding of a friend and Mollie and Jude’s wedding at The Stables at Boals Farm was especially wonderful!

Even the threat of Hurricane Irma didn’t stop this wedding from happening and the day dawned sunny and cool – the perfect weather for a wedding, all happening at the unique Boals Stables and Farm!  Mollie and Jude are maybe the easiest couple in the world to work with as their goal with this wedding was to have it be more of a party and less of a formal event.  You could tell how much their friends and family love them throughout the entire day. This love was especially apparent during their beautifully informal ceremony under the gorgeous oak tree behind the barn.  Many laughs and even some tears were had by all during the heartfelt ceremony given by their close friend Bertrand.  Lava Salon did an impeccable job on their girls’ hair and makeup, because even with all the tears, everyone’s hair and makeup remained flawless!  The event space at Boals Farm couldn’t have been a better choice for their wedding with Mollie’s love of horses and both of their laid back personalities.  We fell in love with the grounds not just for the standard Charleston grand oaks, but also all of the antique touches all around the property!  Props like the rusted out antique trucks, old signs, and rustic wooden barn walls are a fabulous addition to the images that we can make with a bride and groom on their wedding day.  Special props need to go out to their wonderful wedding planner Monique with Semper Signature Events – she did a wonderful job and was an absolute pleasure to work with.  Duvall Events catered a fantastic meal, and Charleston Florist was responsible for some of the prettiest bouquets we had ever seen.  Best wishes to Mollie and Jude for a life of happiness together – we can’t wait for our next Christmas card session with you guys! Thanks again for trusting our expertise as Charleston wedding photographers!

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