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What a fun and early day we had for this Carrigan Farms Wedding!

When we first met Brandon and Emma at a bridal show, we already knew we fell in love with them, but what we did not know was how in love we would be with their wedding venue!  Carrigan Farms Quarry is an amazing location hidden in Mooresville, NC.  We always love getting out of our more usual areas once in awhile to mix things up, and this place made us wish we could pack it up and bring it back to Charleston!  The setting is gorgeous – a long winding pathway that leads through woods and then slowly down into the quarry.  The quarry is stone and curves around for a stunning 360 degree views of the water which is actually blue!  Rocky cliffs surrounding the water are sprouting with pines and bushes so perfectly that it doesn’t quite look even real.  It is relaxed and organic, and a perfect place for Emma and Brandon’s Carrigan Farms wedding.  Not to often are we asked to shoot morning weddings, but there’s something special about a morning wedding… It’s almost as if the atmosphere is more relaxed and intimate – almost more focused on being a family gathering than a formal wedding.  This kind of mood was perfect for these two – they are genuine, good people with a palpable love for each other and their families.  Fitting in with them was no problem at all from the moment we picked up our cameras.  We loved how Brandon chose to wear his cowboy hat – what a fun accessory it made for the photographs throughout the day!  Another interesting thing they incorporated into their ceremony was the fire branding ritual!  This small ceremony took the place of the unity candle and gave them something to cherish forever that they actually made during their ceremony.  Very cool!  After capturing some awesome images around the quarry and outside the farms, the lunch reception kicked off with food and dancing throughout the early afternoon.  The kicker was the very end of the wedding where several guests decided that despite the water being a tad chilly, that they were going to jump in!!!  I have to say, that was a first for us to see!  What a fun day, thanks for having us Emma and Brandon!

carrigan-farms-wedding-01 carrigan-farms-wedding-02 carrigan-farms-wedding-03 carrigan-farms-wedding-04 carrigan-farms-wedding-05 carrigan-farms-wedding-06 carrigan-farms-wedding-07 carrigan-farms-wedding-08 carrigan farms wedding carrigan-farms-wedding-10 carrigan-farms-wedding-11 carrigan farms wedding ceremony carrigan-farms-wedding-13 carrigan-farms-wedding-14 carrigan-farms-wedding-15 carrigan farms wedding carrigan-farms-wedding-17 carrigan-farms-wedding-18 carrigan farms wedding carrigan-farms-wedding-20 carrigan-farms-wedding-21 carrigan-farms-wedding-22

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